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"The great gift that the book has given me is to recognize and appreciate how that spark manifests itself in me."

If you want to do creative work,

start your adventure by reading The Career Guide for Creative and Unconventional People. Now in its third edition, the book is updated and decidedly upbeat, with the latest information about opportunities in our changing work world. No, you don't have to be a starving artist! Both the book and this website will support your progress toward a more creative lifestyle, whether you want to choose a best-fit occupation or change your present job. This section contains information about the book and my credentials as author, along with testimonials from readers. Look below for online guidance when making career choices and changes.

What Should You Do?

Yes, there ARE careers for creative people like you! This section includes beginning information about how to choose a career, how to get a job, how to learn more about the work world, and how to find a local helper.

Create a Career Notebook

Career seekers need a place to brainstorm, record, and organize their ideas. A notebook can provide such a place, customized for self-expression and directed toward both career choice and job search. This section contains directions and downloadable forms for creating your own career notebook.

Talk About It In Our Discussion Forums

Share encouragement and advice with other people who are in the same boat. Take part in an online community of creative career seekers. Social support makes you feel better, plus you might learn something useful. Please register and join the forum discussion. Make it your own!

Read These Books

Recommended books for the seeker of creative work. Eight books tell you how to: join the Creative Age; lead a more creative life; find an ideal survival job; increase your job-hunting confidence; thrive as a highly sensitive person; chart your course in business; put the market economy in perspective; and navigate major transitions.

Visit These Websites

Recommended websites for the job seeker with creative potential. Eight sites that will connect you to: a local fellowship of artists, exposure for funding your work, a personal career coach; extensive occupational information, and guidance for using the internet in your job search.


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