Welcome to the Talent Mentoring Blog

Welcome to the Talent Mentoring Blog!

Talent mentoring expert Carol Eikleberry

Who needs talent mentoring?

The young people you care about. Too many will confront a disconnect between their skills and the workplace. Which means that they will likely fail to connect with pay and prestige as well.

You can make a difference, whether you’re a parent, grandparent, educator, counselor, or employer. In future posts, I’ll show you how to mentor the strengths of the next generation, so they can find joy, career direction, and competitive advantage.

Here’s how the blog idea began:

Some time ago, when I was in private practice as a career counselor, I gave talks to the public about creativity. Although I spoke in a different place to a different audience each time, the exact same thing happened afterward. Can you guess?

An adult from the audience would approach me. After a quick thank you, she began to tell me, not about herself or her work, and not about the pearls of wisdom I had just shared in my presentation, but about the talent in her child or grandchild. Both pride and concern shone through those stories.

I get it. A parent and a step-grandparent myself, I’m right there with you when you express pride in your kids’ talents and concern for their futures. I want the best for my child and grandchildren—and for yours too. That’s one reason I’m beginning this blog.

Let me point out two important differences between my creative careers book and this talent mentoring blog:

  1. In the book, I aspire to mentor the talents of you, the reader. In this blog, I will suggest ways that you, the reader, can mentor the talents of some other person.
  2. In the career book, I’ve focused on how to develop and employ creative talent. In this blog, I’ll be concerned with fostering any work-worthy talent or strength.

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