List of Artistic Materials for Notebook

Here is a list of artistic materials you can choose from to make your notebook your own.

Visual materials and methods:
  • photographs
  • drawings
  • sketches
  • rubbings
  • Xerox image transfer
  • photo transfer
  • maps
  • watercolor
  • marble paper
  • sheer paper overlay
  • watercolor paper, torn into any size and shape
  • flow diagrams
  • graphs
  • tables
  • spreadsheets
  • arrows, boxes, underlines, etc., for highlighting important parts
  • stickers like gold stars, smiley faces, skull and crossbones, etc.
Verbal materials and methods:
  • poetry
  • essays
  • resumes
  • qualifications briefs
  • written materials from career workshops
  • clippings (such as articles from newspapers or magazines)
  • printed information on various careers
  • lists and checklists
  • cross out over selected words
  • shredded and reconfigured text
  • writing over an image
Tactile and electronic and other materials and methods:
  • envelopes (could be sealed)
  • pockets (could be sewn up)
  • chicken mesh or metallic mesh
  • paper folded like an accordion
  • textured handmade paper
  • fabric
  • pressed flowers and leaves
  • fragrance
  • electronic audio files
  • electronic video files
  • emoticons

If you’d like to create your own book, Re-Bound by Jeannine Stein, Making Handmade Books by Alisa Golden, or The Art and Craft of Handmade Books by Shereen LaPlantz will get you started. You’ll discover many more titles through a google or amazon search.

If your idea of a notebook falls in the more electronic category, I’m afraid I won’t be too much help. I am, well, you know, one of those Baby Boomers who is the tiniest bit lacking in digital skills. However, if you create an e-career notebook you’d like to share, please let me know (just comment on one of my posts, under the Talent Mentoring tab), and I will consider adding your work to this website, as a good example to inspire your fellow career adventurers.