About Authors Carol Eikleberry & Carrie Pinsky

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Carol Eikleberry

Carol Eikleberry earned her PhD in Counseling Psychology, with a vocational specialty. She worked as a career counselor for more than two decades. In The Career Guide for Creative and Unconventional People, she applied the popular career theory of John Holland to the lifestyle struggles of the Artistic type. (This was after putting her own worst foot forward and learning the hard way). The first editions of the book connected with an appreciative, world-wide audience.

Now she’s begun a blog about mentoring talent for career success. She’s also writing fiction for kids, dramatizing what really matters at different stages in development. She follows each story with guidance for caregivers, because she wants to support a child’s normal, healthy, psychological growth. Whether she’s communicating in person or on the page, she strives to share her understanding of the human psyche with depth and warmth, clarity and candor.


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Carrie Pinsky

Carrie Pinsky, M.Ed., is a Nationally Certified Counselor. She founded Pink Sky Career Counseling to fill the growing need for integrative career counseling. Her integrative approach is both emotionally and strategically supportive. Carrie’s holistic counseling helps clients gain greater clarity about their deeper values, strengths, interests, and desires as they relate to personal and professional aspects of life. Her strategic coaching supports clients in successfully navigating today’s world of work.

Whether she is working with an accountant, a chemical engineer, a freelance writer, or a graphic designer, Carrie emphasizes the power of creativity to create greater meaning and satisfaction at work, as well as in the rest of life. She was honored to participate in updating the 4th edition of The Career Guide for Creative and Unconventional People. The process encouraged her to both nurture her own creativity and to ignite the creative spark in her clients.