Was This Career Guide Written for You?

The Career Guide for Creative and Unconventional People was written for a specific audience. Is it for you?

If you are wondering how well the book fits you and your current needs, please take the following quiz. Keep a tally of how often you answer Yes.

Career Guide Quiz:

  1. I often feel that I don’t fit in.
  2. People sometimes tell me that I am too sensitive.
  3. I value beauty more than I value status and power.
  4. I’m good at coming up with lots of ideas for solving a problem.
  5. My thinking tends to be more intuitive and symbolic than linear and literal.
  6. I’m pretty emotional, although I may not always express it directly.
  7. I tend to be rather restless and discontented by nature.
  8. Whenever possible, I prefer to do my own thing my own way.
  9. I’m more attracted to a studio environment than to an office environment.
  10. I value autonomy and personal growth more than I value material wealth.
  11. I have some talent with music, art, dance, drama and/or language.
  12. I like to solve problems by creating something new.
  13. A very structured and routine 8 to 5 workday would be death to my soul.
  14. My friends or family think that I am too idealistic and impractical.
  15. I’d rather be a writer, artist or entertainer than a doctor, lawyer or banker.

The more statements you answered Yes, the more relevant The Career Guide for Creative and Unconventional People should be for you personally. Even if you don’t fit in where you are right now, being different can be a big asset if you know how to use it, and The Career Guide will help you make the most of your gifts.

This book is for Artistic, not Enterprising types.

If you are looking for help primarily with job hunting or with starting your own business, then this is not the book for you. The Career Guide is more about making a career choice than hunting for a job, and it was written for the Artistic personality type as described in the vocational theory of Dr. John Holland. In Holland’s theory, starting a business would be more typical for the Enterprising type. If your personality is more Enterprising, the good news is that you will find more opportunity in the work world. And if you are both Artistic and Enterprising, then The Career Guide ought to be useful for you. Go get ’em, Tiger!