How to Choose a Career That’s Best for You

Do you know how to choose a career? The path is usually not obvious. There are about 3,000 common occupations—but more than 10,000 when you add in the unconventional ones.

Where do you start, when you want to choose a career? And how do you discover what jobs are out there?

Important factors in choosing a career:

At one time I received emails that read like personals ads: “I’m 25, have a bubbly personality, need a creative outlet and hate my job. What should I do?”

To help someone like Ms Bubbles find a good career fit, I first needed to learn more about her. The most important factors for career choice are your interests, your abilities (also called talents or skills), and your values or needs. For example, an art teacher would probably be interested in art, able to teach and draw, and value helping others. People get stuck if they ignore one or more of those factors.

In other words, self-knowledge is the best starting point. Downloadable pages from the career notebook pages of this website were designed to help you identify exactly those factors. Once you have a better handle on who you are and what you want, they you can find your way into those 10,000+ career choices.

How to choose a career that is creative:

If you’d like a creative career, then I recommend that you read my book: The Career Guide for Creative and Unconventional People. It was written for people who want to do creative work and contains my best guidance. Maybe you’d rather have a couple ventures or a creative hobby or a decent day job. You’ll learn about those options and more in the The Career Guide. There is no need to buy it, either—your local library should have a copy or two. (If they don’t, you might suggest that they purchase it.)

The Career Guide is not about job hunting. If you’ve already made your career choice, but don’t know how to get your dream job, then other job hunting books and websites would be more useful for you. Not everyone benefits from self-help, either. Follow this link if you wonder how you can find good local help.